10 Fade Haircuts That Are Right on Trend

We’re seeing a lot of great hair styles for men this season, and one type that is particularly popular is the fade haircut. One of the reasons why this is one of the most requested best cuts in many, Splendid Unisex salon barber shops like us give you the best Fade Cut of yours

is that you can tweak it in different ways. The tweakable nature of a fade haircut allows it to fit in with different kind of personal style – and here are ten that you might want to refer to the next time you find yourself in Splendid Salon where we give you your cut.

Splendid Cut

  • Hipster-Style Taper Fade
  • Side Parted Taper Fade
  • Pompadour Low Fade
  • Shadow Taper Fade
  • Drop Taper Fade
  • Bald, Low-Style Fade
  • Disconnected Taper Fade
  • High Top Fade

Splendid Cuts

Splendid Unisex Salon offers all of the services mentioned above, so feel free to book a consultation with us to find out what will be best for your hair specifically, but I hope this has given a lot more insight and you now understand the differences. Ultimately, I say do what works for you (as long as you keep your hair healthy), because as I always say – “it is just hair”

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