Provides innovative bodywork and geared toward the needs of athletics

The meaning of Nails Styling is the work of Beautifying peoples nails  : the work of a art on nails!

Splendid Unisex Salon stylist know every trick that is to make your hair and nails look fantastic. And now, we are sharing their secrets so you can know what we are capable of  We provide all Hair-Styling and nails Product and basic Hair & Nails Need for your Beatification in our Salon. If you would like to fix your makeup after the Styling, please we will do that for you on an extra cost.

We provide all need full  and Beautiful  styling settings  before we start to give you a new look. If you would like to fix your Hair after conditioning, we are at your services.

We provide the best and expensive styling conditioning.

One of the Best way you look beautiful is to come to Splendid Unisex Salon we make Celebrates, extra beauty is our calling and we set space for our customers to know what we can do in other to be extra beauty at a cost.


Nails Beauty


Art work on nails


color your nails


clean your nails


shine your nails


Combo: Nails and Artwork


Combo: color and clean nails


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